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Unfortunately, there are always going to be bugs in software, and Scalos is no exception to this rule. If you feel you've found a bug that we should be made aware of, please fill in the following form. Make sure that you have removed all system patches that could possibly be causing it, and that you can reproduce the bug. Please also include your system configuration, e.g. AGA or gfx card, memory, Amiga model, any add-on cards etc. Click the "Report Bug" button to send us these details. Click "Clear Details" to start over. You can view the current bug list online here.

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If your bug concerns the use of third-party programs with Scalos, please include the names and version numbers in the following box:
If you have the details of an Enforcer/Mungwall/CyberGuard 'hit', please include them in the box below:
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(Please ensure you are using SegTracker to make the report more readable.)

NOTE: The method for the above form is plain text e-mail. It is not encrypted in any way. By clicking the "Report Bug" button, you will be submitting both the details entered and your e-mail address. You may receive from us, a reply by e-mail, requesting more information. You hereby agree to such a possibility. We will NOT use your details for "spam" because we're not like that.