Version History

This page contains the archived version history for Scalos. You can find the most recent changes here.

--- Archived Version History ---
The latest BETA release is available from the Downloads page
Fixed broken ARexx menu command support
Major improvement of Tooltip layout engine
Added tooltips for several Scalos gadgets, including the status bar images
Fixed menu bug where every menu item got a hotkey mark. Now only the menu items which have got hotkeys are shown with hotkey marks
Icon positions were messed up during "cut", "copy" and "paste" operations - Fixed
Changed file name for default device icons from "<devicename>.info" to "def_<devicename>.info" in order to match OS3.9 behaviour
Changed file name for default volume icons from "<volumename>.info" to "def_<volumename>.info" in order to match OS3.9 behaviour
Added missing SHADOWPEN vertical line to the left of the window iconify image
The assign "THEME:" isn't touched any more if it exists prior to Scalos startup
The assign "Scalos:" is created (pointing to PROGDIR:) on startup if it doesn't exist
Tooltips are no longer displayed if ICandy == 0
Improved handling of "cut" icons (shadowed display got corrupted). Needs iconobject.datatype 40.7
Fixed bug that caused Scalos to crash when an icon was removed during drag & drop (e.g. an AppIcon was removed by its application)
Changed default setting for icon frame type from MF_FRAME_BUTTON to MF_FRAME_NONE
Moved special pointer icons ("forbidden", "copying", "makelink") from ENV:Scalos/ to THEME:PointerIcons/
Environment variable "scalos/icandy" is recognised if set before Scalos startup. ATM, icandy < 2 turns off splash screen and window status bars. If not set, "Scalos/icandy" gets set with a default value of "2"
Changing "Fullbench" and "Poptitle" now works on-the-fly and doesn't require rebooting anymore
Locale (language) preferences can now be changed on-the-fly, no reboot required anymore
Fixed erronous message "This drawer cannot be opened" when trying to open a drawer which is already open
Icon position now always is set to NO_ICON_POSITION for default icons loaded via DefIcons
Changed default for Workbench "backdrop" to TRUE
Changed tool tip placement - now tool tips are displayed below mouse pointer if space allows
Added optional process priority field for filetype specific popup menu commands
Bugfix in FileCommands.c: since ExNext() result ERROR_NO_MORE_ENTRIES was erronously remembered as error, an incorrect error reason could be displayed when a "real" error occurred
Added optional process priority field for filetype specific popup menu commands
Bugfix in FileCommands.c: since ExNext() result ERROR_NO_MORE_ENTRIES was erronously remembered as error, an incorrect error reason could be displayed when a "real" error occurred
Bugfix with "Show All" windows: icon list was read before window was opened, leading to problems with icon layout (invisible icons)
Fixed problems with file type-specific popup menus and STACK parameter
Finished conversion of Scalos Pattern Prefs from ASM to C
First implementation of new filetype-specific popup menu system
Removed obsolete scalos.library function SCA_RemapBitmap()
CheckMouseIcon() didn't take window borders into account, i.e. clicking on window border could cause icon to be selected
Text icon font changes now take effect immediately, a reboot is not required any more
Fixed problem in wbl.c - spawned processes incorrectly inherited the ConsoleTask pointer
Now SCCM_IconWin_Redraw also refreshes window frame and status bar
Added image "THEME:Window/StatusBar/ShowAll" to status bar, which visualises the "Show All Files" window setting
Fixed bug introduced by optimized pen allocation
Improved pen allocation in LockScalosPens() - pens which are members of dri_Pens are no longer allocated a second time
Upon startup, Scalos should give a warning requester if not all defined pens could be allocated
Finished converting cleanup code to C
Fixed bug in the scalos.library expunge code which was trying to FreeMem() an incorrect library base pointer when quitting Scalos
When "Quit Scalos" is requested, memory is flushed before checking scalos.library open count, so unused libraries still resident in memory no longer prevent Scalos from closing
Added optional background image for tooltips "THEME:TooltipBackground"
Added optional background image for window status bar "THEME:Window/StatusBar/Background"
Added forgotten "PDTA_DestMode, PMODE_V43" in about.c and GadgetBarImageClass.c. Now the entries for the Scalos processes in "PicTD" prefs are no longer required
Fixed a serious bug in the new C SCA_MoveNode() function which caused Scalos to crash when trying to "cleanup" a window which had already been cleaned up
Fixed an icon drag bug: When an icon was clicked with LMB and the mouse button held for several seconds without moving the icon, a DisplayBeep() was triggered when the mouse button was released
Many minor changes to allow Scalos to compile with GCC
Replaced handmade CLI startup detaching code by standard cback.o and detach.o mdoules
Corrected error in scalos_lib.sfd - order of parameters for SCA_WBStartTags() was incorrect
When icons were selected purely via keyboard, the "IconActive" variable was not updated and selected icons could not be opened by pressing "return"
When trying to open an disk/drawer icon via wb39/ARexx, under certain circumstances the Scalos main task could hang, waiting for a message reply - Fixed
When prefEnableSplash was turned off after splash window has opened, the splash window never closed - Fixed
After removing an entry from the hidden device list, that device used to appear multiple times on the Scalos screen - Fixed
When AppIcon was replaced via AppChange, Scalos tried to free invalid memory while removing AppIcon - Fixed
ScalosMain() was called with seglist in d1 instead of d0, leading to enforcer hits or crash on exit when started from workbench via icon double-click
Fixed lockup problem when a window opened or closed during drag/drop operations
Fixed problem in scalos library code - Expunge() never got called
Fixed init problem with prefTextModeTextAttr.ta_Name, after unsuccessful startup, Scalos tried to FreeVecPooled() static string
Added safeguard to AllocVecPooled() and FreeVecPooled() against being called with MemPool of NULL
SCCM_DeviceList_Generate now works fully asynchronous way, avoiding most sources of hangs connected to weird file systems
Finished converting Scalos startup and shutdown code to C
DefIcons support now integrated into Scalos, including automatic reload of DefIcons.prefs after external changes. Filetypes.plugin and Deficons.plugin are now obsolete
Programs started by Scalos were never removed from the internal program list - Fixed
Now displays message on screen title when user tries to double-click a drawer icon without associated directory
ToolTip sometimes didn't show used/total/percent correctly for disk icons - Fixed
Dragged icons were corrupted on screens with interleaved bitmaps - Fixed
Dragging icons with text didn't always work, depending on icon text colour settings - Fixed
UnSnapshot function was thoroughly broken - Should now again work as expected
Now supports adding submenus and new menus via SCA_NewAddAppMenuItem()
The Rename() patch now tries to update (i.e. remove) the old object's icon
CopyCommand() now quietly returns OK if source of copy operation cannot be found, so copying of orphan icons (icons w/o associated objects) should work now
Plugged memory leak when reloading menu prefs
Snapshot/Unsnapshot didn't free Lock on icons - Fixed
Unsnapshot failed to move icon to wt_LateIconList - Fixed
ReLayoutIcons() forgot to update IDTA_TextPenShadow and IDTA_TextPenOutline pens - Fixed
SCA_ScreenTitleMsg() was broken and couldn't display the last message - Fixed
Fixed problem in DragDropBobs.c: newiconobject.library didn't return image mask for special icons because IDTM_Layout was only called for normal image and IDTM_Mask_Selected was requested - Fixed
Fixed problem with MorphOS and SameLock() NULL Locks in Functions.c. Now it should be possible to open SYS: volume
Undid most changes in DragDropBobs.c from 40.17. Now frames around icons work in a more compatible way, together with 40.2 icon datatypes
Commands "rename", "execute", "newdrawer" now support global TextInputHook
Built .sfd files for all Scalos components. All pragma and proto includes and .fd files are now created from those .sfd files
Several window backfill functions didn't check properly for non-existing background images (FileTransfer, Splash) - Fixed
INF_File was not set for text icons when file system returned non-standard fib_DirEntryType. Now INF_File is always set if fib_DirEntryType < 0
The PenArray delivered by the workbench OpenScreen patch always contained -1 in the first entry, rendering it pretty useless - Fixed
Adapted to now (NDK3.9) officially supported Workbench hooks (CopyHook, DeleteHook, SetupCleanupHook)
Now requires includes Release 45.1 to compile
"Empty Trash" menu command now uses DeleteHook if available
When changing icon attributes (e.g. border), AppIcons didn't get refreshed properly - Fixed
Automatic icon update on file system notification didn't work properly for left-out icons - Fixed
Added separate pens for selected icon text, icon text outline, and icon text shadow
Several changes in DragDropBobs.c to enable frames around masked icons. Requires latest icon datatypes!!!
Device icons got a name of "" (empty string) when tooltype SCALOS_NOTEXT was found, whereas other icons got NULL - Fixed
When Scalos tries to quit and there were still foreign windows on WB screen, a retry requester occurs. After clicking "Retry", Scalos tried to free PenShareMap more than once - Fixed
Non-DOS disk icons are now ghosted (just like WB3.9)
Many menu items (e.g. "Open", "Information") are now disabled for non-DOS disks
Unreadable disks are now labelled as "DF0:Unreadable" instead of "DF0:????"
OpenWorkBench() return ULONG instead of Workbench screen address in case of success - Fixed
Window status bar text now always uses text window font
Many changes and fixes in FileCommand.c (File moving/copying code). Moving objects to a different volume (copy-and-delete) now works
Added timeout (default=10s) to file transfer counting
Added Win***s-like "Copy", "Cut", "Paste" menu commands to transfer files
Added workaround kludge for broken "delete.module" implementations that rely on wa_Name being empty for directories
Fixed a memory trashing bug in CLIStart(). Only occurred when file name was longer than default tool name
LeaveOutIcon() trashed the CurrentDir of the Scalos window task - Fixed
Scalos window tasks now have their directory names appended to the task name, e.g. "Scalos_Window_Task <Tools>"
(old) SCA_RemoveAppObject() failed to remove icons in wt_LateIconList, leading to crashes with MUI applications on CloseWorkBench()/OpenWorkBench() - Fixed
Added new pen for status bar text
Popup menus now can also be opened by keyboard (Right Alt + Right Amiga)
SCCM_IconWin_CheckUpdate did not recognize changes between default icon and non-default icon (e.g. an icon associated to an object was deleted - display didn't change) - Fixed
Added optional THEME:FileTransBackground background image to copy/move progress window
Display of window drop marks can now be set to 3 modes - none, non-backdrop windows only, always
Added GBTDTA_SoftStyle to set text style for GadgetBarTextClass gadgets
Scalos.c/RefreshTextWindow didn't check if window exists - Fixed
Scalos.c/ReportError didn't propagate RESULT_UserAborted if the user clicked the "Abort" button. Should be fixed now
Major rewrite of FileTransfer class. Redesigned copy/move progress window with progress gauge and cancel button
Fixed another bug in window backfilling - filled area was exactly 1 pixel too small in x- and y-direction
With window scrollbar arrows, the detection of shift key was reversed - Fixed
Changed scrolling step for window scrollbar arrows to 10 pixel
Added SCCM_IconWin_AddToStatusBar, SCCM_IconWin_RemFromStatusBar, and SCCM_IconWin_UpdateStatusBar methods to make status bar interfacing easier
More changes in OpenWorkBench() / CloseWorkBench(). Now also uses icon.library V44+ ICONCTRLA_SetGlobalScreen tag. Closing/reopening Scalos (e.g. via screen mode change) should now work
Rewrote OpenWorkBench() / CloseWorkBench() patches in C. Problems with wrong colors after OpenWorkBench() should now be fixed
Added support for WB3.9-compatible (undocumented) CloseWB hook. Now e.g. AmiDock iconifies automagically on CloseWorkbench() and uniconifies afer OpenWorkBench()
With status bar enabled, Scalos window heights grew
Fixed broken FreePatternNode() - now reloading pattern prefs should work again
Finally fixed long-standing bug in icon update code that sometimes lead to duplicate icons
Disk without icons now get default icon of type WBDISK instead of WBKICK
Fixed problem with removed nodes in SCCM_DeviceList_Generate, leading to corrupted device icon list
Added file version information to tooltips
Implemented global copy and delete hooks for compatibility with AsyncWB
Fixed inverted NoRemap checking in backfill functions
Finished converting all menu functions to C
Fixed wrong SCA_FreeNode() parameter in DevListClass_Generate()
LockScalosPens() produces lots of enforcer hits when no palette prefs could be found - Fixed
Finished converting all IDCMP handlers to C
Completed converting window background rendering code to C
Menu command "backdrop" didn't work - Fixed
Fixed missing Argument for WaitReply() in A5. This resulted in crashes when running modules with simple refresh windows each time a window was iconified and re-opened - Fixed
INF_FIle was not set for backdrop icons - Fixed
Devices are now counted and displayed separately during D&D
Changed screen pop-title algorithm so it should always get switched on if necessary
Changed rendering of Logo in splash window back from DTM_DRAW to blitting functions
Fixed error in DevListClass_Filter() - missing parentheses lead to wrong exception calculation
Changed path for status bar images to "THEME:Window/StatusBar/"
Added SCA_NoStatusBar attribute to SCA_OpenWindow() library function and SCALOS_NOSTATUSBAR tooltype to suppress status bar display on a single window
Fixed wrong position for "iconify" gadget (overlapped zip gadget)
Horizontal scroller height was too small - Fixed
Added special detection of Screen titlebar to circumvent problem with MagicMenu which lead to screen bar staying visible in spite of cleared SHOWTITLE flag
Added "Typing" symbol to status bar
Icon selection by typing icon name didn't work for AppIcons and device icons - Fixed
Removed LockIBase() in Window.c/QueryObjectUnderPointer(), hopefully avoiding window lockups
Converted automatic Screen bar switching code to C (see Scalos_Cx.c). Added additional checks for locked Layers to avoid deadlocks
Added two new preference variables, prefWindowHScroll and prefWindowVScroll for the default distances of scrolling icon windows by the keyboard (main_prefs.s, variables.h, imports.i, exports.i)
Added parts of cleanup code converted to C to the source files (cleanup.c, main_subroutines.s)
Added two missing includes to scalos_structures.h file (graphics/gels.h and workbench/startup.h)
Can use shift+cursor keys in icon windows to scroll by a whole page (well, inner height and width of icon window - IconWindowClass.c)
Can also use Return to open active icon in icon windows (IconWindowClass.c)
Fixed problem with reading Workbench preferences and then showing Scalos main window in wrong mode/sizes (WindowClass.c)
Icon menu didn't get enabled when icon was selected via keyboard input (first letter(s) of icon name) - Fixed
Replaced blitting function in Splash.c by DTM_DRAW
Fixed old problems with pen allocations - ObtainPen() didn't check for success
During D&D, window dropmarks are no longer erased when the mouse is over the icon, but remain visible until the mouse leaves the window
Added SCALOSCTRLA_GetEmulationMode tag for ScalosControl()
Now MenuItems get disabled if they have SubItems and every SubItem is disabled
Since redrawing of partially overlapped icons seems to work well, I disabled the strict icon overlap checking while D&D
Added support for AppIcons sending select/unselect notification messages and WBAPPICONA_NotifySelectState tag
CLIStart() didn't work with WBPROJECT icons - Fixed
Icon window crashed after D&D when redrawing previously obscured icons - Fixed
Sometimes IDCMP_INTUITICKS messages were not replied - Fixed
Automatic change of default window patterns failed when switching between icon and text mode. Pattern numbers sometimes were treated as unsigned instead of signed numbers - Fixed
Added new Tags SCALOSCTRLA_GetTypeRestartTime and SCALOSCTRLA_SetTypeRestartTime for ScalosControl()
Menu commands "snapshotwindow" and "snapshotall" stayed disabled forever. Fixed name compare error in Prefs.c/CompareCommand()
Replaced remaining 64bit integer arithmetic code by C version
Finished converting "" to C
Updated "SCA_Title" autodocs for "" class
Finished converting "" to C
Replaced fixed version/revision strings in about window by text macros "%v" and "%r".
Added feature: Icons may now be selected by typing the first character(s) of their names, just as in WB 3.9
Added feature: Cursors key can be used to select icon right/left/below/above the currently selected one
Finished converting "DeviceList.SCA" to C
SCA_WBStart() didn't work for icons with "CLI" or "REXX" tooltypes - Fixed
Wbstartup sometimes skipped icons with free positions (Unshapshot) - Fixed
Finished converting Root class to C
Now all window, menu and wbl processes inherit the original workbench path
Added support for WBAPPMENUA_CommandKeyString (OS3.9) and separator bars to SCA_NewAddAppMenuItem()
Finished converting TextWindow class to C
Finished converting IconWindow class to C
Finally fixed long-standing problems with simultaneous multiple window updates (Enforcer hits, icons appearing twice, etc.)
Fixed problem reading large directories containing icons with both fixed and free positions. Icons with "free" positions were placed at the end of each block read, and could be overlapped by an icon read later with a fixed position
When converting WindowClass to C, I (Juergen) somehow dropped one line of code and forgot to clear a window's UserPort before closing the window. So it could happen that IntuiMessages in the wt_IconPort already had got freed by Intuition on closing the corresponding window, leading to corrupted messages - Fixed
In Icon windows, icons without associated objects were not displayed with "Show all files" setting - Fixed
Text windows now show "Trashcan" in size column for trashcan drawers
Icons of type WBDISK are hidden in text windows with "Show only icons"
Major changes in text window directory scanning. Now icons without associated object are displayed in text windows with "Show only icons"
Text windows now show "Drawer" in the size column for drawers
Changed number format for file sizes to "%lU", using localised display format
Finished converting window class to C
Finished converting text icon class to C
Deleting left-out object now always updates ".backdrop" files
Left-out icons got the "put away" menu item disabled when updated (e.g. by adding tooltypes) - Fixed
Windows can now be scrolled with the arrow keys (only if no icons are selected in window)
Did some changes to the asm class macros to make the class engine more "C-friendly"
Moved Scalos .catalog files in archive from catalogs/<language>/ to catalogs/<language>/Scalos/
Now .catalog files are ignored if their version is <40, avoiding trouble with wrong messages
Added distinct pens for the dragging info text
Additional checks on plugin initialisation - Now erroneously added menu plugins should no longer cause Scalos to crash on startup
CloseWorkBench() from VisualPrefs Task didn't work - Fixed
CloseWorkBench() will not close Scalos while there are active "Scalos_Async_Backfill" processes
Repaired bug in updateicon which sometimes caused icons to appear in incorrect windows
Duplicating/cloning items now pops up the file copying progress window
Dragging multiple icons now shows one or two text lines under pointer telling how many files and drawers are being dragged
Fixed severe bug in wbl.c: WBNode's were allocated with AllocVecPooled() and freed with FreeVec()
Added a varargs version of SCA_ScreenTitleMsg()
Added flag to switch between Flag: old dragging (all icons visible) and new "icon stack"
Added new SCA_ScalosControl() tags SCALOSCTRLA_GetOldDragIconMode and SCALOSCTRLA_SetOldDragIconMode
IconWinCheckUpdate() now correctly updates INF_DefaultIcon flag and INF_SupportsLeaveOut attribute
Missed a CurrentDir() when renaming objects, leading to a directory lock getting never UnLock()ed
When D&D copying or moving icons, "Replace All" and "Abort" now should work correctly
Message strings "xxx already exists" are now different when moving and copying objects
When moving icons inside window and new position overlaps other icon, the moved icons now jump back to their original positions
THEME:SplashBackground was never freed, leaving a lock on it - Fixed
CLI and ARexx default tools icons didn't work in text windows - Fixed
Enabled deadlock detection for lasso operations
Additional check for NULL wt_LateIconList in cleanup()
Text windows now again display "#?.info" files (icons)
Forbid drag-copying or -moving icon into own sibling window or on sibling icon to avoid move errors or endless recursion
Fixed multiple problems with text window updates
Added semaphore locking to protect from two or more Scalos tasks opening or closing windows at the same time
Fixed broken "copy by dragging on drawer icon"
Added additional checking to prefs file notification
Worked around semaphore deadlock in SetIconMenuOnOff(). This one occured when copying multiple directories between text windows
Copying/moving of (left-out) drawers, tools, or projects from main window to any drawer window didn't work - Fixed
Dragging a device icon into an icon window (copying device into directory) no longer results in requester "DEVICE: already exists..."
Bug #29: Dragging a device icon into an icon window where a drawer with the name of the device (w/o ":") already existed: Nothing happened - Fixed
Left-out icons no longer show up in text icon windows
"leave out" and "put away" now correctly update text windows
Increased size of text window & tooltip date and time fields from 16 to 80 bytes
Added date/time string length checking to ScaFormatDate()
Fixed a race condition between DrawDrag() and DragEnter() that could block window when trying to auto-remove icons
Finally fixed icon masking problem with PAL Hires-Laced screen. When "Auto Remove Icons" was turned on, dragged icons left garbage at their original position until finally dropped
Problem finally solved without setting friend BitMap to NULL
Added preferences selectable pens for ToolTip text and background
Due to an incompatibility in Palette.prefs, I renamed it to "Palette13.prefs". Scalos uses old "Palette.prefs" if no "Palette13.prefs" found. To create new prefs file, either copy old "Palette.prefs" to new "Palette13.prefs" or load Palette prefs editor and use "Save" button to generate new "Palette13.prefs"
Added check for deleting files of an undefined DirEntryType
For SoftLinks, ToolTips showed name of link target instead of link name - Fixed
Fixed corrupt logo and text in about and splash windows by setting all allocated bitmaps to have no friend bitmap
Added check for copying files of a non-specific DirEntryType. Copies files correctly across Samba network. Deleting files seems to work OK with the current code
Dropped Popupmenu.library for icon ToolTip display and added own layouting and rendering code
Moved ToolTip display to separate task
Added AttemptLockLayerRom() around icon ToolTip display routine in order to avoid deadlocks
Due to Mike's request, increased minimum window width by 20
Added "scalos/icandy" environment variable on startup and set contents to "2"
Changed every copyright string to "(C)1999-2001 The Scalos Team"
Added "About" function to Menu and Palette preferences
Changing palette prefs now closes and reopens Scalos, no matter if the "DisableCloseWorkbench" flag is set
"put away" command didn't work with icons without associated objects - Fixed
"Scalos Menu": added new menu commands "viewbysize" and "viewbydate"
"" icons of type WBDISK will no longer appear inside drawer windows
Switching window view mode while window is reading icons no longer causes window to close
SCCM_IconWin_RemIcon now updates window's virtual size and adjusts sliders
Double-clicking tool icons in text windows didn't start execute command. Recognition of default icons in text windows didn't work when starting programs - Fixed
Found an icon masking problem with PAL Hires-Laced screen. When "auto remove icons" was turned on, dragged icons left garbage at their original position until finally dropped. Problem (mask BitMap and icon BitMap having different format, recognisable by different "BytesPerRow" values for equal width) at least partially solved by setting friend BitMap to NULL if (Depth <= 8)
Empty lines in ".backdrop" files should be ignored now
CloseWorkBench() from IPrefs Task didn't work - Fixed
Text windows sometimes swallowed first character of file comment - Fixed
"Replace All" now works when drag-copying multiple objects
"Select contents" now deselects all icons in non-selected windows
"Clear selection" now deselects all icons in all windows
Plugin libraries are now flushed on Scalos exit
Fixed possible problem with missing ScaWindowTask parameter on FreeIconList()
CheckMouseIcon() didn't work with negative coordinates - Fixed
Text windows initially opened with do_CurrentX < 0 in icon displayed icon text at incorrect position - Fixed
When reading a directory, icons are no longer checked if they overlap each other
Converted SCA_OpenIconWindow() to C
Enabled "snapshot window" and "snapshot all" for root window again
Changed locking in DrawDrag() - first call. When "Auto remove icons" was enabled, icons sometimes didn't get ghosted properly due to DRAGFLAGF_WindowLocked set
Changed initial value for unused oldDir Locks from NULL to $ffffffff, to avoid trouble with pr_CurrentDir = NULL (at the end of functions, CurrentDir() never got reset to initial value when that value was NULL)
AmigaDos menu commands failed to skip trailing '"' if command name is surrounded by '"', e.g. "SYS:xyz" executed with '"' as first argument
AmigaDos menu commands now inherit the workbench path
ReadIcon() didn't respect the "show only icons" setting for text windows, so all files appeared after automatic window update
Changed detection for WMFLAG_IsVirtualSize (sizetofit menu command enabling), now also enabled if window is larger than necessary to hold icons
Screen menu items are now enabled/disabled each time SCCM_IconWin_SetVirtSize is applied (i.e. after any change in window size)
Forgot to set <rild_DiskWriteProtected> Flag in ReadTextWindowIconList(), so all text icons were treated as if on a write-protected disk
With at least OS3.9, you can easily eject removable media with the following menu command (AmigaDos, don't forget to enable "WB Args"): "PARK %p EJECT". We've tested it with CD-ROMs and it seems to work okay, so...
Fixed more problems when running AmigaDOS menu commands without a path
SnapshotWindow() sometimes wrote icon to the wrong directory - Fixed
Added wt_UpdateSemaphore locking for "update" command
Due to extended library functions, bumped version to 40.1
ReadDatatypesImage() returned the original BitMap (PDTA_BitMap) instead of the remapped one (PDTA_DestBitMap)
Splash window didn't adjust logo when window was resized due to long message - Fixed
CheckMouseIcon() didn't work when "Non-masked click area" was checked - Fixed
BltMaskBitMapRastPort() used incorrect MinTerm so Masking didn't work correctly. (e.g. logos in splash and about window on non-cybergraphics screen)
Added SCA_ScalosControl() call to scalos.library. Only 3 tags are supported as yet - the documentation is still missing
About and Splash window may load different logo images "THEME:ScalosSplashLogo" and "THEME:ScalosAboutLogo". If those files are not found, both windows fall back to "THEME:ScalosLogo"
Due to an incompatibility in menu.prefs, it has been renamed to "menu13.prefs". Scalos uses old "menu.prefs" if no "menu13.prefs" found. To create the new prefs file, either copy old "menu.prefs" to new "menu13.prefs" or load old "menu.prefs" in menu prefs editor and use "Save" button to generate new "menu13.prefs".
Added new popup menu class for AppIcons. Don't forget to add your own entries to the new appicons popup menu
"System Info" button in About window is disabled if sysinfo module cannot be found
Opening new icon windows in iconified state could lead to each icon appearing twice after uniconifying window - Fixed. Now wt_LateIconList is cleared at the beginning of ReadIconList()
Enforcer hits in about window when no scalos logo could be loaded - Fixed
RunMenuCommand() didn't work with CLI (=AmigaDos) commands without a path, i.e. only filename specified - Fixed
Icon tooltips no longer pop up when non-Scalos window is active
Icon position for iconified Scalos windows can be specified in window icon with SCALOS_ICONIFIED_XPOS and SCALOS_ICONIFIED_YPOS
V39.233 - BETA released!
AppIcon menu commands now support all WB3.5+ AMCLASSICON_... AppMessage class codes (e.g. Benchtrash information/snapshot/unsnapshot works)
Due to common requests, bob functions now don't use chip memory if port "FBlit" is available
AppIcons always got IDTV_TextMode_Normal (no outline, no shadow) - Fixed
ARexx menu commands now may have selected items as arguments
Enabling/disabling popup menus now works correctly with nested sub-menus
Scalos now does an "Update all" instead of a "Redraw" when detecting changed main prefs
Softlinks sometimes could not be copied due to incorrect parent directory - Fixed
Fixed nasty bug in AllocVecPooled()/FreeVecPooled(): a6 was overwritten
In text windows with "Show only Icons", non-existing objects (i.e. icons without corresponding objects) are no longer displayed (e.g. "disk")
Disabled "Leave Out" for default icons
Changed locking in TestPopup() to prevent deadlocks
Bug 4: Crash when executing ARexx menu command - Fixed
No tooltips are displayed for an icon after clicking or double-clicking it
Menu command "sizetofit" now also shrinks windows if appropriate
Text windows with "Show only Icons" displayed data for icons instead of objects - Fixed
Bug 13: Drawers inside of text windows no longer open always in text mode, but use the drawer icon settings instead - Fixed
checkmouseicon() and QueryObjectUnderPointer() now take "Non-masked click area" setting into account
Fixed possible race condition with QueryObjectUnderPointer() by extending window list and wt_IconSemaphore locking
AppIcons now have popup menus (currently the same as tool icons) if <in_SupportFlags> is not 0
Tooltips now recognise iconified scalos windows
Iconified window appIcons get the "WBAPPICONA_SupportsOpen, TRUE" attribute
Fixed error in SCA_NewAddAppIcon() - WBAPPICONA_Supports... tags didn't work
No icon tool tips are displayed if icon has tooltype "SCALOS_NOTOOLTIPS"
Added new menu commands "sizetofit" and "clearselection"
Scalos now passes a copy of the window lock as wa_Lock and wa_Name=NULL when no icons are selected (now OS3.9 Find works just as with Workbench)
Fixed a couple of problems with the new tooltip function
Fixed bug in QueryObjectUnderPointer() - didn't work correctly if Workbench screen wasn't the front-most screen
Added check for ST_LINKFILE, ST_LINKDIR, ST_SOFTLINK before calling isLink()
(OLD) After updating left-out (backdrop) icon, updating the associated disk icon created a new backdrop icon instead of refreshing the old one - Fixed
Replaced IDCMP_VANILLAKEY handling by IDCMP_RAWKEY in order to receive "key up" events
Drag'n'drop indicators (copy etc.) are now updated immediately when pressing or releasing qualifier key
About window now supports optional background image "THEME:AboutBackground"
Added support for wheel mouse (icon/text window scrolling)
Text windows didn't get refreshed properly after deleting icons - Fixed
Icon tooltypes sometimes were not recognised correctly - Fixed
Additionally, there is an unfinished and experimental new feature we're calling "Icon tool tips". If you position your mouse pointer over an icon and hold it there for a few seconds, an information window pops up. The window clears as soon as you move the mouse (this is currently done via popupmenu.library)
Changed method of soft link detection to a more system-friendly one
Scalos no longer tries to load appchange'd AppIcons when their name contains invalid characters, i.e. ":/"
Scalos now uses AddPart() to add the name of the AppIcon to the "Default icons" path, to make sure there is always a "/" between path and file name
Converted WBLtask to C. The "Unable to load your tool..." requester now offers to select a different tool via ASL requester
"Leave Out" didn't work for icons without associated files or drawers - Fixed
Icon menu items weren't enabled correctly in text windows - Fixed
"View All" wasn't recognized when initially opening text windows - Fixed
Softlinks are now displayed with underlined names. This feature only works with iconobject.datatype 39.33 and later. (Saw that feature in Workbench 3.9 (with BoingBag 1) and immediately liked it.)
Text windows now distinguish between "Show All Files" and "Show Only Icons"
Splash window: added 10s timeout when waiting for update message reply
AppIcons now support the WBAPPICONA_Supports... tags
Icon menu items are now enabled/disabled according to the icons properties, e.g. for icons on read-only media "delete" and "rename" are disabled
Splash window now supports optional background image "THEME:SplashBackground"
Fixed Enforcer hit in file/directory copying code when FileTransClassInstance was NULL
CopyCommand didn't work with DestName != NULL (to perform "Copy As" function) - Fixed
Objects can now get duplicated (cloned) via drag'n'drop into same window with the Control key held down
Window.c/QueryObjectUnderPointer() could crash if PtrLayer->Window was empty (NULL) - Fixed
Path assign "THEME:" is set on program start to "Scalos:themes/default"
Fixed enforcer hits/crash opening window popup menu with empty (NULL) ws_Name
MoveCommand() no longer complains when trying to move non-existent object, e.g. an icon without an associated file
Dropped drop zone rendering in separate layers and returned to complement drawing due to lack of performance
Logo gets loaded by datatypes.library from THEME:ScalosLogo
Defined C names for all library bases
Region didn't get freed in class.c/SameWindow() if no icon was moved - Fixed
Additional check for NULL window pointer in Scalos.c/LassoInit()
Moving icons in the same window with "AutoRemove Icons = Off" didn't work properly because registers were trashed in main_subroutines.s/checkposition - Fixed
Revision numbers reverted after some internal discussion :)
Removed locking with DragDropSemaphore due to deadlock problems
Changed rendering of window/icon drop zones from complement drawing to separate layers (in Requesters), hopefully eliminating all problems with garbage left in windows
Changed to utilise CatComp and its automatically generated locale header files. All localised string are now in "". Tested with CatComp 44.6
Fixed crash when icon window was closed or iconified while reading icons and the drawer contained more than 20 icons
(OLD) Fixed another icon window cleanup bug. Icons were incorrectly positioned under certain conditions so that icon text could overlap other icons
Lasso selection didn't respect window limits when selecting icons - Fixed
CLIStart() crashed with type WBTOOL icons - Fixed
(OLD) SCA_OpenIconWindow() didn't work with SCA_Iconify tag - Fixed
Lasso didn't correctly calculate window left and top offsets - Fixed
Popup menus now have two title lines, with the type of object in the first line and the name of the object in the second
File move and copy routiones rewritten from scratch. Extensive error checking when moving/copying objects. Added a equester when trying to overwrite existing objects while moving/copying
Created locking mechanism (via DragDropSemaphore) to prevent window updates during drag'n'drop
Renaming left-out icons will no longer lose their position
Changed window refresh after file system notify: icon update is held back until 2s after last update request. Fixes lengthy repeated icon window updates after changing many items (e.g. "Select All", then "UnShapshot")
Implemented drag threshold, i.e. icons have to be moved more than 4 pixels until the drop zone indicator is drawn. Note that the 4-pixel amount will be made user changeable within Preferences
When modifying icons, icons used to disappear if no associated file existed - Fixed
Icons just left out did not disappear from desktop when volume (disk) was removed - Fixed
Icons could be left out multiple times, leaving several lines in ".backdrop" file - Fixed
Bug 25: Drag'n'drop didn't copy drawer icon left out on the desktop - Fixed
Bug 22: (OLD) ".backdrop" files are now updated when renaming objects - Fixed
Fixed OLD bug in root_handlemessages - stack could be corrupted if message without handler routine was encountered. Possibly also fixes long-standing bug #21. Will check though...
Text mode windows used to show "#?.info" files when UseExAll was off - Fixed
(OLD) Fixed enforcer hits/alerts with "Leave Out" and "Put Away"
(OLD) "Leave Out" didn't work if ".backdrop" had a length of 0 bytes - Fixed
Rename.module, newdrawer.module and delete.module now trigger window updates on completion
Bug 16: On completion of rename.module, objects are checked if they are renamed and window names are adjusted if necessary - Fixed (finally!)
Lasso selection now only affects visible icons (same behaviour as Scalos 1.2d)
Hopefully fixed multiple text window refresh problems
Removed forced drag'n'drop source window update
Window drop box was drawn incorrectly for text windows - Fixed
Added new text window methods: SCCM_TextWin_BeginUpdate, SCCM_TextWin_EndUpdate
Changed text window method SCCM_IconWin_RemIcon from no-op to working icon removal
Fixed serious bug in GetTextIcon_Fib(): Drop on text window icon caused many enforcer hits
Drag'n'drop onto text icon drawers didn't work - Fixed
IconWinCheckUpdate() now also works with text windows
Converted text window icon reading code to C
Text windows displayed date & time incorrectly: last digit was shown twice - Fixed
Text window columns are now always wide enough to show the column title (e.g. empty drawer in text mode only used to show the last column spanning all window width)
IconActive flag didn't get updated correctly when lasso-selecting icons - Fixed
Left mousebutton click toggles icon selection state when shift is pressed
Text mode windows used incorrect font - Fixed. Inserted missing SetFont() in DrawTextGadgets()
Special indicator bobs were broken with system bob routines - Fixed
ReadIconList() failed when called from different WindowTask - Fixed
Icons in backdrop windows could be dragged to overlap each other - Fixed
In drag'n'drop operations, the first argument (file/drawer) didn't get freed - Fixed
Prefs option "Hide hidden files" now hides files starting with "." (only in those functions converted to C)
Added a check for an update on source in drag'n'drop copy/move operations
Changed drag'n'drop special indicator handling:
Special bobs initially added to separate list instead of adding to srgh_boblist and then moved to special bob list
drgh_boblist protected by semaphore to prevent DrawDrag() until InitDrag() finishes
Icon drop marks during menu popup didn't get erased properly in simple-refresh windows - Fixed
Fixed directory reading bug with empty file names or files called just ".info"
Special drag'n'drop indicators are now always drawn solid
Fixed an introduced bug in DragDropBobs.c: BlitTrans() handled masks incorrectly when width was a multiple of 16
Bob functions now don't use chip memory if CyberGfxBase is available
Bug 17: Text window column headers flicker when MMB is held down and mouse is moved - Fixed
Removed layout bug in iconwindow cleanup (icons did overlap)
Lasso() now always uses Screen->MouseX/MouseY coordinates
No more offsets between mouse position and lasso corner!
Scalos now uses 3 (optional) special icons in ENVARC:Scalos/. They show up when performing a drag'n'drop operation:
"" - displayed when no drop allowed
"" - displayed when icons will be copied
"" - (currently unused)
Copying icons can be forced (where otherwise icons would be moved) when you keep the Ctrl qualifier key pressed when you drop the icons. The qualifier will be made user-definable via prefs
While popup menus are shown, the corresponding icons are highlighted
You don't need to explicitly select a Scalos window to display the window popup menu or some icon popup menus - just point your mouse and hit RMB
Finally managed to convert all the drag'n'drop bob stuff to

--- Scalos 1.2D (V39.222) ---
Interim executable update.
Appicons will now show up as Newicons or OS3.5 icons

--- Scalos 1.2B (V39.220) ---
Added support for new "Format_Disk" module
Removed keyfile system as Scalos is now freeware
Installer updated

--- Scalos 1.2 (V39.212) ---
V39.217 - replaced all divu.l and mulu.l with a replacement function
V39.216 - fixed small disk size rendering error
V39.215 - fixed memory loss after dragging
V39.214 - fixed deadly error with pop screen title
V39.213 - fixed AmigaDOS start missing stack size

--- Scalos 1.1 (V39.201) ---
V39.212 - fixed del key support
V39.211 - fixed mem-eating after mouseclicks
V39.210 - fixed ghosted icon menu after select contents
V39.209 - added del-key delete
V39.208 - fixed re-read of a file with no icon
V39.207 - added show all files in text mode (shows icons)
V39.206 - fixed copy command in text mode windows
V39.205 - fixed desktop window pattern scaling
V39.204 - added showtitle if mouse is over the title bar
V39.203 - fixed fullbench title reappear
V39.202 - added multi-assign search for default tools

--- Scalos 1.0 (V39.185) ---
V39.201 - fixed modules will be started with more stack now
V39.200 - fixed move didn't work with icons only
V39.199 - fixed lockings with some CD filesystems
V39.198 - fixed friend bitmap problem
V39.197 - fixed hidden flag support
V39.196 - fixed lock if using textmode with some filesystems
V39.195 - fixed PC2AMIGA disk icon
V39.194 - fixed copying of files larger than RAM size
V39.193 - added: Scalos will now inherit the view mode after a double-click on a default icon
V39.192 - fixed Workbenchwindow mode if Scalos doesn't run in Emulation mode
V39.191 - added drag start
V39.190 - fixed selection of text mode. Now you must click on the filename. This makes multiselect with lasso possible
V39.189 - added Mac-like multiselection
V39.188 - added hidden flag support
V39.187 - fixed ghosted menu items after select all or lasso
V39.186 - fixed deactivated "update" while dir reading

--- Scalos 1.0 (V39.152) PreRelease 1 ---
V39.185 - fixed clone (copy) command problems
V39.184 - fixed information.module. Now works correctly
V39.183 - added sorting of non-positioned icons
V39.182 - fixed Leave Out/Put Away problems (hopefully)
V39.181 - added clone (copy) command
V39.180 - added support for information.module
V39.179 - added now setting all defdisk to type Diskicon
V39.178 - fixed NONAME and NODRAG tags for disk and backdrop icons
V39.177 - added DefDisks first
V39.176 - added saving of DefIcons
V39.175 - fixed crash if popupmenu library isn't available
V39.174 - fixed AmigaDOS args now have '"'
V39.173 - fixed AmigaDOS args in Popupmenus
V39.172 - fixed fullbench
V39.171 - fixed sometimes appeared dead-file in textmode
V39.170 - fixed filenotify in textmode
V39.169 - fixed crash after dragging one icon into another on main window
V39.168 - fixed strange icon refresh bug if Executive is running
V39.167 - added popupmenu titles
V39.166 - added window-popup title only
V39.165 - added fullbench option
V39.164 - added new tooltype: "SCALOS_NOTEXT" and "SCALOS_NODRAG"
V39.163 - fixed missing default tooltype "CLI"
V39.162 - added progress display for copy
V39.161 - added AmigaDOS args (enable WB Args and use "%p")
V39.160 - fixed TextMode refresh and "Show All Files" problem
V39.159 - fixed asynclayout problems in unregistered version
V39.158 - fixed Link support for WBMessage
V39.158 - Added showing links as bold or italic in textmode
V39.157 - fixed poolwatch hit
V39.156 - added DefIcons plugin port
V39.155 - added joining of bobs for the custom bobroutine
V39.154 - fixed a non-removed lasso if you press LAmiga+LAlt while doing a lasso with mouse
V39.153 - fixed crash on quit
V39.153 - fixed crash on WB doublestart

--- deficons.plugin (V45.6) ---
V45.6 - OpenLibraries was called twice - Fixed
V45.6 - Added support for individually enabled/disabled icon types

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