--- HOT NEWS ---
After lots of work, a first native AROS version of Scalos is available here
Scalos goes open source!
Scalos source code has been released as open source under BSD license. We have created a Scalos project on Sourceforge
After lots of improvements and bugfixes, Scalos V41.7 finally has been released!!
Major new features are Undo/Redo for most desktop and icon actions, and an online updater module.
Download archives for AmigaOS 3.x/68K, AmigaOS 4.x/PPC, and MorphOS are available on the Downloads page.
Updated Scalos Developers' Pack for Scalos V41.7 is available for download on the Developers page!
We have set up two new opportunities to contact the Scalos developers:You may either join the new Scalos mailing list here, or contact us via our new mail address Scalos@VFEmail.net !


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