Scalos has so many features over and above the standard Workbench setup. You'll find a list of some of them further down this page, plus some screenshots of Scalos in action.

Contact us

If you need to contact us, please use this e-mail address: Scalos@VFEmail.net.

Submit an idea

If you have an idea for Scalos, please use the form here.

Report a bug

If you've found a bug in Scalos, please use the form located here.

Existing Features

These are the features that already exist in Scalos:

And much, much more...

Features for the Future

We want to add the following features:

The majority of the above will be user-definable. That is, for example, you'll be able to turn off eye-candy through use of the preferences programs, if your system isn't powerful enough. We want to make Scalos, the most configurable, stable desktop replacement there is!


Below are some screenshots of Scalos and various plugins / modules in action. Cool huh? Some of them are of new modules/plugins etc. You can get them from the Downloads page.

A transparent drawer with both image and video preview thumbnails.

This is a new delete module by Chris Page. It's available from the Downloads page.

The new Scalos Execute Command module.

The new Scalos Icon information module running on MorphOS 2.2.

A module that allows you to open a drawer by typing in its path. Neat.

Icons page in Scalos main preferences. Total control over most of Scalos advanced features!

A drawer in text mode. Useful information at your fingertips!

Some cool icons, and window gadgets provided by VisualPrefs.

The screenshots above show both Birdie and VisualPrefs in action. If you want to find out more about these two programs, please see the Hints & Tips page.