Welcome to the Scalos Developers page. Here you'll find information, programs and code that should help you in starting to develop for the Scalos desktop environment. You can download the latest developers archives and contact us directly if you need any help.

Please note that it is currently very rough but we plan to clean up the third-party development side of the distribution once the main Scalos desktop is bug-fixed a bit more.

If you wish to discuss any programming/development related subjects regarding Scalos please join the mailing list. If you have any specific programming language problems, please consult a specific mailing list such as (for the 'C' language only!).

If you would like to see anything specific in this archive please mail us at


Please select a development archive from the table below:
This is a complete translation kit with catalog files for all Scalos components. Unfortunately, due to lack of translators, only French and German catalogs are complete and up-to-date.
This is version 41.7 of the Scalos Developers' Pack.

Example and (L)GPL Source Code

Please select a source code archive from the table below:
This is the complete source code for the video thumbnail preview plugin, which uses the LGPL avcodec library.
Chris Page released his delete.module as GNU FSF. Take a look! The code has been adapted to match current Scalos build system, and compiled with both SAS/C and GCC.
This is the C source code for the "Persistent Windows" plugin by Jürgen. It compiles with both SAS/C and GCC, and builds for both AmigaOS/68K and MorphOS/PPC. Recently updated (08.05.2005).
This source code shows you how to use the Scalos API to add features to windows. There's only two functions at the moment, which allow you to close windows when opening drawers or files etc. More details in the archive.
This source code shows you how to create a title bar plugin for Scalos interfacing with PowerUP ppc.library. This is the version with the PPC CPU revision placeholder. Written in C.
This source code shows you how to create a title bar plugin for Scalos that displays the number of free pens. Written in C.


We are currently in the process of tidying up the third-party aspects of Scalos and so the autodocs may change. The current Scalos autodocs can be downloaded as part of the main Scalos Developers package above. Alternatively, you can read them online by following the links below: