About Scalos development

As of 23rd November 1999, we took over development of Scalos, the Amiga Workbench desktop replacement. This followed a release by Stefan Sommerfeld stating that he would like a group of people with the right talents, abilities and resources to continue development. We are that group of people and we're gonna make Scalos the best Amiga Workbench desktop replacement there is!

What is Scalos?

First of all, Scalos is NOT a replacement OS, although the name suggests otherwise. It is a desktop replacement for the Amiga. Want to see some of the features of Scalos? Simply click here. It is used instead of Workbench or Directory Opus Magellan.

The original Workbench gets older every day and is being left behind by other desktop systems. Scalos's original author, Stefan Sommerfeld, decided that there had to be something new, and so Scalos was born.

Scalos's goal is to integrate a lot of additional functionality and an enhanced look without losing any of the look-and-feel we all love about the real Workbench. Yes, Scalos is like Directory Opus Magellan, but comparing these two isn't really fair. Scalos provides much better emulation of the real Workbench ("the Workbench experience"), and you won't notice any difference at first appearance. Because of this, we can't include a screenshot (look at your current Workbench for one!). Up to now Directory Opus Magellan just provides more functions.

The History of Scalos

Scalos has been available to Amiga users for many years. It was originally written by Stefan Sommerfeld of ALiENDESiGN. His aim was to create an expandable, functional replacement for Workbench without losing any of the style and grace that we love about the Amiga. Stefan has since passed the reins over to us. We are now developing this exceptional software. Stay tuned!

Some interesting info on why it's called Scalos... It was named after a planet from the original series of Star Trek (TM & Copyright respected). Check out these links:

What about registered users?

All Scalos updates will be available for free. We do not intend to make money from future Scalos versions.

In V1.x updates, we plan to kill the bugs as soon as possible, but we also plan to add as many new, exciting, useful features as we can. Please see the features page for more details.

What about the PowerPC?

PowerPC chip

Currently, PPC is fully supported by Scalos. Current and future versions are available for MorphOS/PPC and AmigaOS4/PPC, as well as for AmigaOS3.x/68K.